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    The facts:

    - Stats: 31.6 lbs (49%); 37and a half inches tall (51%)

    - Your taste in music is expanding.  You can often be found trying to teach yourself the words to a new song.  Today you wore a Johnny Cash shirt and we listened to “Burning Ring of Fire” by the second chorus you were already singing along with “burns, burns, burns.” 

    - Your current favorite bedtime song is “This Little Light of Mine.”


    -You are almost completely potty trained.  We still put you in a pull-up at bedtime but this is mainly because you wake up and play so quietly that we can’t always get you to potty right away.

    - You enjoy playing by yourself but also like to team up with one or both of your sisters at a time.

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    - We still can barely get you to eat vegetables. Stinker. Black beans, sometimes corn, and sometimes carrots are about the extent of your tolerance.

    - You are so interested in sports.  You love to be out playing in the yard with any type of ball.  Your most recent favorite is golf, probably brought on by your recent visit to papa’s putting green.

    - You still LOVE animals.  We often have to step in and tell you to give the dogs a break. Every night when you go to bed you give everyone hugs and call down to the dogs, “good night, Bentley” and “good night, Roxy.”

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    - You are starting to recognize some of your letters. You get so excited to point out any letters you know.  You are one smart cookie.

    - We have been keeping your hair longer.  I got talked into cutting it shorter this time for the warmer weather.  You look so different. The day after your haircut, you looked in the mirror and told your dad “I don’t like my hair.”

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    You are such a sweet kid, Ryker Eugene. You are getting taller and smarter everyday. We love you so very much, three year old!



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  • It is hard to believe we just finished year number two in our forever home. This year we got to take on a few more of the “fun” cosmetic changes to the house. 

    First up was the mudroom.  This space is one we went back and forth with our builder on before finalizing plans.  We ultimately decided to wait until we could visualize the space and hire someone to come in and help build it at a different time.  We could not be happier with how this project turned out.  The organization was much needed and the little drawers ended up being the perfect place to store everyone’s facemasks. #2020


    We later painted this space and added some actual light fixtures.


    Our living room furniture was ordered from Arhaus at the end of the previous year and delivered in the spring.  In Spring we also buried and extended our sump pump line so that it drained better into the yard.


    During the Summer we took on several DIY projects.  This cabinet in the laundry room was one that they had originally installed in one of the bathrooms.  It was the incorrect cabinet and when they replaced t, they ended up throwing this one in the dumpster.  Somewhere I have a great video of Nathan dumpster diving and hauling this beauty out of the massive bin that sat in our front yard.  Nathan added hardware and pull out bins for sorting our laundry before finishing it off with a countertop and a little trim work. 


    In our Master bedroom we painted, added curtains, swapped out the lights, and added some mirrors.  We also painted in our master bath.


    We added a wallpaper focal wall to “Z’s” room about the same time that we put up all of our main flush mount light fixtures on our first and second floor.

    We finished out the Summer with some outdoor projects. We did some landscaping around our front porch and added a playset to the backyard.


    In October our driveway was asphalted. Making the perfect spot for Bryn to learn how to ride her bike. Smile We also bought a basketball hoop that has yet to be put up. #2021goals


    We ended our second year with painting a focal wall in the dinning room and adding a ginormous ceiling fan to our living room. 


    That wraps up year two on #RoeAcres. All of this fun cosmetic stuff sure helped get us through being on house arrest due to the pandemic. I guess I should mention that we also got a sit/stand desk for Nathan and a portable heater for his basement office. Smile

    I can’t wait to see what year three brings. 


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  • Roe2020-171

    Photo Credit for all pictures: Ardent Owl Photography

    The Facts:

    - Stats: Weight 42.2(90%) Height 36.5'” (94%)


    - You started Pre-Kindergarten just after your birthday. You wear a uniform to school everyday and it makes you look so grown up!

    - You are very spunky and can often be found making some hilarious facial expressions.


    - You have started saying “well” a lot and it makes me think of grandma Starbody.

    - You love to write your name and constantly show off the letters that you know how to write.


    - You love playing the game “I want mommy to do it” or “I want daddy to do it” in order to waist more time.  Bedtime has become a struggle every night with this stubbornness.


    - You love yourself some chocolate milk.

    - You love playing outside and playing “baby” in which in of your siblings is the baby and taking care of the others.  It seems like more often than not, you are Ryker’s “baby.” It is pretty comical to watch.


    Z baby we love you so very much! You sure keep things interesting around here.  We can’t get enough of your personality and funny faces!

    Happy belated 4th birthday, girlie!



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  • IMG_1884[1]

    The Facts:

    - You are constantly talking and surprising us with what you know how to say.  Your new favorite phrase is “because, that’s why.”  You repeat what we are saying all the time and it is hilarious. You ask about everything around you constantly and are often pointing things out.  Such a little sponge.


    - You have a new found love for “that people”/“the guy”  aka the neighbor.  You are constantly watching to see if he is on the mower. 

    - You have four teeth coming in right now.  You are constantly chewing on your fingers. Which is fun during the COVID-19 pandemic where everyone is freaked out about germs. Smile


    - You are so rotten. You do things you know are wrong because you think it is funny.  Mostly this consists of playing with your food when you are done eating.  You definitely like to be the funny guy and look for a reaction, especially from your sisters.

    - You still do a great job playing alone by yourself but prefer to play with your sisters.  This often means playing “house” with them.  The other day you and Zella had “our first weeding!” You wore a “dress” and, as Zella claimed, got a baby for your weeding.


    - You love to learn and sing new songs.  Your new, current favorite is “If all the raindrops were lemon drops and gumdrops.”

    - You are finally doing better sleeping through the night.  We still give you soy milk at school just to be safe but you are back on regular milk at home.  Every once in awhile you still “wake-up” crying in your crib but I no longer think it is related to tummy troubles.


    - You hate vegetables.  We can usually get you to eat corn and sometimes raw carrots but that is about it.  Even if we hide veggies in food, you typically find them and spit them out.

    - You love to be outside! Riding bikes and playing ball makes you so happy.  You also love looking at the different birds and animals in our yard.


    - You are such an animal lover! You have never met a dog that you didn’t like. You are constantly curling up next to Bentley and laying all over him. He usually enjoys the attention.  Roxy on the other hand doesn’t even like it when you are next to her.

    -If you can’t tell from your pictures.  You LOVE pockets and are constantly putting your hands in pockets of pants and jackets.


    Ryker Eugene, you are such a doll baby.  We love you so very much and I can’t imagine our family without you.  You are oh-so loving and silly.  I hope you always stay our little man.



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