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    The Facts:

    - You are such a happy baby and laugh a lot.  Your sister can still make you smile like no one else can and she does a great job soothing you when we need a little help.

    - Your left hand is healing really well.  We go back for your check-up soon but I’m sure everything will be fine. 

    - Even though there are still no signs of teeth coming through, you have started eating some table food.  You always have to have something to eat when the rest of us are eating dinner (even if you just finished eating yours.)


    - You are sleeping great at night and still do a very nice job of putting yourself to sleep.  You get fussy, we lay you down with a blanket and paci and you are usually asleep in a moments notice.

    - You have started to play peek-a-boo with us.  You love hiding your face with the burp cloth after we are done feeding you. 


    - About a month ago you developed some stranger danger.  Your grandparents hate this but you usually get over it pretty quickly, especially if food is involved.

    - You are getting baptized this weekend. We are excited to celebrate with you. 

    - Recently, you discovered that you can splash in the bath.  You love to do this and listen to/watch the bath water run.


    - Your favorite thing to do right now is to get up on all fours.  You are constantly rocking back and forth trying to get somewhere.

    - You have discovered that you can spin yourself around on your belly pretty well. Between that and rolling around, and going from a seated position to a laying position, you are really all over the place already. 

    - You still kick your feet like a crazy woman whenever we are getting ready to give you a bottle.  You just can’t hold in your ecitement.


    Zella Lou, you mean the world to us.  We are so incredibly thankful that you are a part of our family.  We love you and that beautiful smile!

    months 0-7



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  • Our sweet Zella Lou turned six months on valentine’s day and two days later went in for surgery to remove her extra digit.  (Back story here.)


    The thought of putting Zella under anesthesia and having her taken away from us for over an hour had frightened me since they day we first discussed our options (right after she was born.)  The other, almost equally as scary part was trying to keep our food-loving girl calm all morning when she wasn’t allowed to eat after midnight the day before.  I was a nervous wreck. 


    The morning of her surgery we woke up bright and early to make our way to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital by 6:00am. We are so blessed to be so close to such a wonderful children’s hospital. 


    I cried leaving the house.  Especially when I talked to my “Indiana mom”, our amazing infant teacher at the preschool, who was so graciously able to come over in the wee hours of the morning to stay with Bryn and take her to school for the day.  She had my tears flowing as she reassured me that everything was going to be ok and that God had this.  Boy was she right!


    As we were checking into the hospital we immediately spotted a familiar nurse.  One of our church family members was going to be one of Zella’s nurses for the day! We didn’t even know that she worked there…such a blessing!


    Brenda, the nurse, calmed my fears so much and everyone at the hospital was so incredibly sweet.  We got Zella in her little hospital gown and she did an amazing job of playing (mostly happily) with the toys they brought her while we waited for her to be taken away.

    Hospital Gown


    They didn’t really use this bed that was in our room but I had to take a picture because big sister was very curious.


    Playing the drums while waiting for surgery time


    one last picture of her “nub”

    “Z” was gone from us for around 35 min. before they carried her back to the room.  She was groggy and hungry but we were able to feed her right away.  The surgery went quicker than they had told us and she was able to “recover” with us both instead of us only being able to go and see her one at a time in a separate room.

    20170216_082407 Daddy feeding Zella with her “no-no” on her leg to keep her from messing with the IV that was in her foot.

    She did GREAT.  We left with a new bear for Zella and a new Mrs. Potato Head for Brynie bear. Smile  They also gave us a prescription for vicodin but we didn’t even need to fill it.  We got home, from the surgery that stared at 7:30 am, at around 10:00am.  The three of us took naps and Zella was given Motrin when she woke up around 1:00pm but after that didn’t need anything and was back to acting like her normal self.  Praise the Lord.


    We go back to the doctor for a follow up appointment in a few weeks. We kept a bandage over the stitches for the first several days after the surgery but “Z” doesn’t seem bothered by them and doesn’t even try to put that side of her hand in her mouth. 


    We are so incredibly thankful for Lejila, Brenda, Dr. Blocksom, the anesthesiologist, the wonderful staff at Peyton Manning, and all the prayers and support from our family, church family, and friends. God is good!


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    The Facts:

    - You are a rolling machine.  You can make it clear across the room in a few seconds flat just by rolling.  It makes you so proud of yourself.

    - You are starting to try and get up on your knees to crawl!

    - You are now eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day along with your bottles every 3 hours.


    -You are such a happy girl and have been giggling so much more this past month. It melts my heart every time!


    -You learned how to use the walker in about half a day.  You are happy to walk all around the kitchen chasing your sister. 

    - We can usually get the biggest giggles out of you when we kiss your neck or when you are watching your sister.  This past weekend you started belly laughing when your sister was dancing in the kitchen and shaking her bottom.  You thought it was hysterical!

    -Your hair is growing in very blonde.  Your bald spot is officially on it’s way out.


    - The surgery to remove your extra digit is in two days.  Mommy is worried sick but I know you will do just fine.  The hardest part is going to be not feeding you all morning and having you taken away from us for an hour. 


    - You are doing really well sitting up by yourself.  When you do fall over from a seated position, it is always in slow motion. 

    - We can often lay you in your crib awake and you will soothe yourself to sleep with little to no fussing. You are still sleeping well through the night.  We usually have to wake you up in the mornings before it is time to leave the house.


    Zella, you bring so much joy and happiness into our lives. 

    Happy 6 months, baby girl!




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  • As usual, this blog is one of the last things on my to-do list.  Truth be told, I’ll be rushing through this to get laundry done, fight the never ending battle of getting the smell of dog urine out of my carpets, and clean and organize our house…all before Z baby decides to wake up.  Let’s just go ahead and ignore the random topics and spelling/grammar errors (because they definitely wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t rushing…nah, who am I kidding, you are used to all that by now.) 

    Grandma Kathy

    **This lady celebrated her 60th birthday this week.  We LOVE you, Grandma Kathy and enjoyed celebrating with you.

    Reggie Redbird

    Illinois State Play4Kay

    **Bryn and Zella attended their first Illinois State Redbird sporting event.  Brynzlee got to meet the famous “Reggie” that her papa always talks about and the girls rocked their pink to support Play4Kay.

    Toddler Curls

    **Can we pause and talk about those natural curls that keep growing…even if they are lopsided.  This girl might actually get her first haircut before she turns 4. Smile

    Books to Read

    **I deleted the Facebook app off my phone.  I still get on from time to time but our family is making a conscious effort to spend less time on electronics. It turns out, when you have less time with social media you crave more reading. More on these books later…if I get around to it. :)

    Image result for disney cruise

    **We booked our first Disney cruise for this Spring! You better believe I have been stalking blogs, pinterest etc. to get ideas and tips for traveling with an infant. 


    **This weekend Bryn has a play date with one of her besties, Nolan.  I can’t wait to reunite these two crazy kids.


    **I am also hoping to sneak away to this wonderful ladies’ house this weekend to help her Joanna Gaines-ify her fixer upper…and drink wine.


    In conclusion I leave you with the following video because it is too good not to share:


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