About Me


My name is Kristin. I am from a small tiny town in central Illinois where I attended the same school district from kindergarten up through high school (our high school was built on a cow pasture- no joke!)

I am married to Nathan, whom I met during my time at that high school even though he told his family he “didn’t do high school” because he was a big shot college boy at the time. I met him through my best friend aka my “lover”, Erin, or Nathan’s sister…it is a long story that I might tell in the future.

On June 13, 2009, after four years of the whole long distance relationship thing, I got to marry the man of my dreams and make my best friend my sister all in the same day! But, just so we are clear…and Erin will tell you this ten times over…I was hers first. I feel so blessed to honestly say I LOVE all of my in-laws, including my other crafty sis-in-law.

Family is extremely important to us both and a big a reason why this blog started. Even though Nathan and I both grew up in central Illinois and the majority of our immediate family members still live there, we currently live in the “Hoosier” state of Indiana. I knew I wanted a place for family and friends to easily get photos of our children- that we did not have at the time- and a blog seemed like a perfect place for it.

Now that we have a beautiful baby girl, the blog is serving its purpose quiet well. Not to mention the added bonuses: it is introducing my grandparents to words like “chesticles.”

Enough about all of my loves, I am sure you want to hear a bit more about me. I love music period. I will listen to just about anything and my iPod is about as random as they come. It will go from old school Nelly to Motown to George Strait to Meatloaf to Brittany Spears to Maroon 5 to Journey to Phantom of the Opera…add in some “The Simpsons Sing the Blues” and…perfection! Oh ya, I am a perfectionist as well. Since we are on the negatives: I am also extremely stubborn (but no more so than my hubs) and I worry…a lot (Nathan likes to refer to this as “spazing”.) I also love watching anything on BRAVO, a good glass of wine, bargain shopping, antique hunting, and laughing with/at friends and family.

Why “walkingbyfaithblog” you ask?

As I said before this blog started with the goal of a future family in mind. It is something I always knew I wanted and after going through a great loss I knew that I had to put away my control freak issues and realize that my life wasn’t in my hands, it was in the Lord’s. I often think back to that second Corinthians verse: “For we walk by faith, not by sight.” It is amazing how many ways I can apply this verse to my life. (A main reason you will see me say type it over and over throughout this blog.)

That is where it began: I had a title, I had a story to tell, I had a small audience out there, I even had a history of writing in a journal every night but the confidence to put my writing “out there” was a leap I decided to take. It is no secret that my grammar and spelling skills are lacking…I apologize in advance…but this blog has very good intentions. I hope it is able to make you think, inspire you, or at least make you laugh at the craziness that is life.

© 2012 Kristin Roe