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    #RoeAcers Year Two

    It is hard to believe we just finished year number two in our forever home. This year we got to take on a few more of the “fun” cosmetic changes to the house. 

    First up was the … more


    #RoeAcres Year One

    Since we have almost lived in our house for a full year now, I decided it would be a good idea to keep track of what improvements/upgrades we make to the house each year.  Something to look back … more

  • I realized that I never wrote about the process of how we got where we are today, in our forever home that I lovingly refer to as #RoeAcres.

    In October of 2017 I wrote about my “30-Life … more

  • I think the wait has been long enough.  I was finally motivated to finish the last few pictures of the 2nd floor without trying to capture the best lighting.  I give you the second floor of … more

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