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  • …my husband.

    This past weekend the hubs and I went away. Just the two of us. Over night. For multiple nights.

    It was amazing!

    We had been saying for several years now that we wanted to go … more

  • I am finally sitting down to write a “What I Learned” post!

    If you have never visited Emily Freeman’s blog, read one of her amazing books, or listened to one of her hopeologie … more

  • I swear that toddlers’ arm spans are insanely long compared to their height.  My daughter has the ability to reach all kinds of things that I feel like should be out of her grasp ( … more

  • I’ll be the first to admit that this blog has taken a major backburner in my life right now.  Cramming your “office space” into your bedroom that has boxes all over the floor … more

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