Brynzlee Grace- 8

PXL_20210425_151725102Weight: 54lbs (38%), Height: 4’4 3/4” (85%)


- Stats: Weight: 54lbs (38%), Height: 4’4 3/4” (85%)

- You are almost through your 2nd grade year and have amazingly been in-person the ENTIRE year. No quarantine at all, which I still can’t believe.  You have been working on third grade level reading and math for the majority of the year and we just got the e-mail that you will qualify for high-ability again next year. Our little smart cookie!

-Your teacher this year is Ms. Paska and she has been such a great resource for you! You have loved “genius hour” and getting to do reports on things like Tigers, Tiger Woods, and Severe Weather. PXL_20210425_151524039

- This year we have been focusing on some inattention issues as well as working on your social anxiety.  You started seeing a new therapist this year and also recently started a new medication to help with your anxiety.  You have already made great strides this year in doing things like making eye-contact with waiters and ordering your own food at a restaurant.  These little milestones make us so proud of you!


- You got to have your own “friends from school” birthday party this year. You were so excited to go bowling/arcading with a small group of friends.  It made you seem so grown up!

-This year you decided that the Hibachi restaurant is cooler than Mexican and is now your most requested place to eat.


- You are constantly thinking! The other day you were helping daddy clean out the garage and trying to figure out the best way to make use of the bag of birdseed we had.  You had several different plans in place (one in which you took it upon yourself to ziptie an old stake to a paint brush) and we ended up buying a birdfeeder for the house just for you. Smile

- You have a love for games. Board games, card games, dice games, you are not picky. We recently introduced you to the old classic, Millie Bornes and it is definitely a favorite.


- You are still playing softball and loving it.  You are getting better and better at it.  Your current favorite position is catcher but I think you rock first base. You also love to watch baseball on TV with your dad.

- Last Summer you learned how to ride your bike without training wheels.  It took lots of trips to the church parking lot to get you practice time but you finally got it.  You still aren’t the most confident in your breaks but you love to ride your bike along side daddy as he goes for a run.


Girlfriend, you need to stop growing up!  You are getting way too big and I can’t handle it.  I am so proud of you and can’t wait to see what other amazing things you accomplish in the next year. We love you BIG, Brynnie Bear!


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