Our Story Part Four

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2008 in Cancun where Nathan didn’t propose…

In the summer of 2008 I was working for a preschool in Bloomington, IL while Nathan was working in Carmel, IN and living in his own apartment.  I had a year before I would be graduating from college and, like I said before, I was getting antsy about the whole marriage thing. 

June 20th was a normal Friday.  I had gotten off work, packed up my car, and was headed over to Indiana to spend the weekend with Nathan.  I was on the phone with him telling him about my day and how tired I was.  I had taken our group of preschoolers to a park only to find out they were spraying chemicals so we turned around and headed to another park which wore the kids and the teachers out for the day. 

After talking to Nathan I did the norm and jammed out to some amazing songs to make the two and a half hour drive go by faster.  When I got to Nathan’s apartment it was dark out and he had a dinner all ready for us (something he had told me about on the phone) complete with Champaign.  (Nathan knows I enjoy my champs so other than being excited, I didn’t think anything of it…it was pretty regular for us to have some Asti with a meal.)

After dinner was cleaned up I said I just wanted to lay down for a bit so we did.  Nathan made some type of comment and ended it by calling me “babe.”  I immediately responded with “ya, that needs to be fiancé REAL soon.”  He then pulled out a maroon box, opened it and said, “how about now?” 

I could barely see the ring through the tears that immediately filled my eyes.  I remember just repeatedly saying “Are you serious?!?!”  Nathan finally said “You haven’t answered me.”

The rest of the night was spent staring at the amazing ring calling family and friends and getting the low down on how Nathan had showed the ring to his family the week before and asked my family for permission.  He also told me all about how he was going to propose on a walk under the stars but how I ruined his plans by telling him I had been walking all day and I was tired…whoops.

It isn’t the most romantic story but it is our story and I love every piece of it. 


Happy Anniversary, babe! It has been a crazy five years of marriage and God only knows what is in store for us next! I love you!


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  • Sarah@creatingbettertomorrow

    I love how you have shared your story and captured it for others and your daughter to read for years to come...I might just have to do something similar - HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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