V-day Recap

When you are old and married Valentine’s Days looks a little differently than it used to. When you add kids to the mix they look a lot differently. 

Nathan and I have never been the lovey-dovey type but in our “dating years” we did do some cute things for v-day. I hid Valentine’s in his apartment one year when I knew I wasn’t going to be with him, he once made a giant red heart card out of poster board (which is super romantic if you know my husband), I may or may not have made him boxers with my name written across the butt, he would send me flowers quite a bit, etc. 

Last year Nathan fought with me saying he “didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day” but that we should celebrate another random Saint day instead.  I’m pretty sure we went out to dinner for St. Patrick’s Day after that. Anyway. Now that we have a daughter I feel like Valentine’s Day has more of a purpose. 

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my husband and for the record he did get me a card this year. I responded by digging out and handing him the card I bought for him last year and never gave him. We are pretty much hopeless romantics right here. But having a child makes this once cheesy holiday, seem to have more of a purpose. 

We celebrated this year in one of my favorite ways to date. We had the Cottens (including Bryn’s BFF, Dorothy) over for some Winese and movies after an impromptu photo shoot and some cookie baking of course. 

Vday 2015

The Friday before V-day we enjoyed a romantic dinner for three at one of our fav pizza places, Boombozz.  Bryn and I sported some great V-day attire and Nathan and I took a pretty amazing picture of ourselves.  This shirt is my new obsession from my Dottie Couture shopping experience


I was totally the weird mom that had her daughter do a half naked photo shoot. But that belly…I can’t get enough!


leggings: Baby Legs brand



Baking Cookies

The whole family making Grandma Starbody’s cookies.


Rolling Dough

The girls

Sami's Photo

photo credit: Cotten Tales

I spent the night enjoying our Chinese food and wine, watching the girls play together, talking to other adults, and curling up on the couch next to Sami to watch Titanic while Nathan made snarky comments about the movie and Courtny enlightened us on all kinds of Titanic facts from the good old internet.  A pretty perfect v-day in my book.

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